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 Strange meeting

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speedy boy
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PostSubject: Strange meeting   Strange meeting Icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 5:47 am

We can see Ursu' and Speedy boy Alyn talking and laughing....They are headed to their locker room where it apears they have something to talk about....They enter in Speedy's locker room,but they let the door open...Suddenly,Mank shows up from behind them,following them and starts listening to what they have to talk

Speedy boy Alyn:Crazy night tonight huh????I wonder who will I face at this PPV....Hope its the poor Mank....I will have the chance to humiliate him again

Ursu':Hehe,thats my boy....You seem to not forgot why I got your signing here,in RCW.....Don't forget what your goal is,and after you accomplish it,I guarantee you I will make you even greater...

Speedy boy Alyn:Yeah....Mank is already finished.....One or two more videos,his head will crack and he will be destroyed...

Ursu':Only make sure that he never finds out about that CD....Got it????If he puts his hands on that,we're toasted!!!!He might remember all his past....And we do not wanna see that happen,don't we????

Mank is stunned of what he heard,but no flashes in his mind yet

Speedy boy Alyn:Don't be afraid my friend,that CD is very well kept,Mank has no way of even finding about his existence..He will be destroyed after I finish with him...After all,that is my task isn't it????Thats why you brought me here from that dark land of death....First,I couldn't believe he got away with so much memories from back then......But now.......the momories will kill him....

They both start laughing harder and harder....

But Mank was hearing the hole thing....He realises he heard what he was supposed to hear and walks out from there with only one plan in his mind:REVENGE!!!!!
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Strange meeting
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