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 Suicidal Sit Down

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PostSubject: Suicidal Sit Down   Suicidal Sit Down Icon_minitimeThu Aug 06, 2009 9:16 am

*Suicide!! walks into George Steels office*

Suicide!!:Well Well well what do we have here George Steel, hows it going for you, i heard you have a new challenge for me huh....i get it you want me to shake off the rust by beating this jobber and move on to bigger and better people

*Suicide!! sits down*

Suicide!!:But really after i beat this guy who have you got to put infront of me, i left because a tore right threw the roster and so it was no longer a challenge and now that im back you have to have someone to give me a run for my money, i dont know how many times a ran threw thunderhawk or team blackout so really im expecting more out of you, and one more thing i dont have the heart to tell the family of raver that he died in the ring so if you could give them a call after the fight that would be great haha........dont forget who i am and what im capable of

*Suicide!! gets up and heads for the door*
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Suicidal Sit Down
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