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 Suicidal Mindset

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PostSubject: Suicidal Mindset   Suicidal Mindset Icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 1:13 am

*Suicide!! walks out to the ring*

Suicide!!: George Steel, you got what you wanted, i have lost my title and my winning streak and in fact this is the first ever singles match in rcw i have ever lost so its kinda a new experince but now im making my way back to the top and neither of you guys can stop me

*Suicide!! smiles*

Suicide!!:BMG, truly im sorry that it had to be you of all people to beat me because i ran threw twice already but what can you do, i have to give it to you though i had you in trouble early in the match and yet you still kept fighting and i got caught but it WON'T happen again

*Suicide!! turns to the fans*

Suicide!!: Do you all want to see me blow him out of the water in a our rematch

*Suicide!! holds the mic toward the crown*

Fans:Hell Yeah, Hell Yeah, Hell Yeah

Suicide!!:I want my rematch for the title, and the fans want a great show so George you know what you need to do so get to it, and one last thing before i go, Congratulations Champ

*Suicide!! starts walkin up the ramp*
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PostSubject: Re: Suicidal Mindset   Suicidal Mindset Icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 6:04 pm

(the lights go out and the spotlight is focused on bmg at the top of the titanton)

bmg: Suicide! My favorite rival! The reason I train, the reason I'm so focused, the reason I have a never give up attitude. We rarly have face to face promos like this anymore, but with the recent busy scheduling and not many vacations to relax I can see why. Theres not much I have to say except that was the toughest fight of my life, I was pushed to my limits and I will admit I got lucky towards the end. But the result is what matters to me, I won.

(bmg pulls his National Title out of a bag)

bmg: I now know why so many wrestlers would love to hold this belt, it gives off a feeling of accomplishment, like I finally made something out of myself. Its a good feeling and I can tell why you want it back so badly. I didn't understand the first time I fought you for it, but I guess you never know till you win it. I would love to piss off all these fans and mock everyone like I always do, but I plan on being straightforward for one time only. I do want another match against you so I can tie the score up 2-2. They say it's way easier to win the belt, but it's hard to defend it. I plan on proving myself and defending this title successfully, not just for Blackout in general, but for all the fans.

(the fans starts cheering)

bmg: Just not for these fans here, they don't deserve to see me wrestle.


bmg: George Steel was very generous to me , so much he gave me a bonus check, I guess he wanted me to win so badly. I am going under a different feel, but that does not make me any different the previous weeks, so until the next match, I have other matters to attend to.

(the spotlight goes off, and the arena lights return, bmg is gone)
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Suicidal Mindset
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