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 Suicidal Incounter

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PostSubject: Suicidal Incounter   Suicidal Incounter Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 9:33 pm

*Suicide!! barges through goerge steels office door*

Suicide!!:Ok what the f*ck is you problem,i see what you have done ever since i came back you have been wanting to stop my return to the top

*Suicide!! flips over his desk*

Suicide!!: since your guys couldnt beat me you had the ref stop the fight so i couldnt beat the either, real slick but i thought you were better than that, i actually had so respect for you but now you just made you life hell

*Suicide!! throws a chair around the room*

Suicide!!: If you have the ref call one more of my matches a draw i garentee it will be the last chioce you get to make

*Suicide!! heads for the door*
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Suicidal Incounter
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