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 Suicidal Construction

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PostSubject: Suicidal Construction   Suicidal Construction Icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2009 11:32 am

*Suicide!! rolls up in his '66 Aston Martin DB5 talking on his cell phone*

Suicide!!:Hey yeah i know i didnt finish him but im still champ and thats what matters

Suicide!!:the retarded f*cking ref stopped it before i could really kill him but you saw i was winning and everybody knows that im miles ahead of him

*mystery voice mutters something*

Suicide!!:yeah they arent gonna see this one coming ok but im here so i'll hit you up later bro

*Suicide!! hops out of his car holding his steel pipe*

Suicide!!:George george george why must you mess with me

*Suicide!! walks up to george steels car*

Suicide!!: Man i love my job

*Suicide!! swings his lead pipe cracking through his windsheild*

Suicide!!: I hope he gets it

*Suicide!! heads back to his car*
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Suicidal Construction
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