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 Suicidal Training

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PostSubject: Suicidal Training   Suicidal Training Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 9:07 am

*Suicide!! walks into te gym*

Suicide!!: Time to get in shape

*Suicide!! cranks the tredmill up to 20mphs and turns up his ipod*

Suicide!!:raver i have victory consistently, train all year to be enemies misery no stress visibly, neither does it enter me I think positively, you cant harm me mentally not physically, not spiritually George you'll never get rid of me

*Suicide!! shuts it off after 10 minutes*

Suicide!!:pheew thats a nice warmup ok to do some lifting

*Suicide!! continutes rapping to hits lil wayne tracks as he squats 400 pounds*

Suicide!!: im so tired of the game and i stay dry when it rain, im tied to the fame got everything to lose but nothing to gain, but im proud of the pain, the pride and the plain, the wise and the strange, denied by the sane

Suicide!!:This means raver you are walking away with my title, not until i say so not you not George ME!!

*Suicide!! straps on his mma gloves and heads over to the bag and starts throwing combos*

Suicide!!:I fight until I have won and then I re-win i guess that sets apart the boys from the men haha

*Suicide!! pulls out his lead pipe and knocks the heavy bag off the chains it was hanging from*

Suicide!!: You might wanna get some good insurance because friday it will be you laid on the mat at the hands of my pipe

*Suicide!! turns up his ipod and heads for the gym door*
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Suicidal Training
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