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 Space Trucker and Rockyt....Bad Start!

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Space Trucker
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Space Trucker

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Space Trucker and Rockyt....Bad Start! Empty
PostSubject: Space Trucker and Rockyt....Bad Start!   Space Trucker and Rockyt....Bad Start! Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 3:41 pm

Space Trucker enters the gym,as Rockyt is working out,doing some bench presses.
He stares at Rockyt,without talking.
Rockyt doesn't seem to bother asking him what he wants,so ST speaks first.

"You're Rockyt,right?"
"Who's asking?" Rockyt says.
"I am" ST replies.
"And who the hell are you?" Rockyt says.
ST draws a big breath and slowly exhales,so he can keep calm,this guy is getting on his nerves!
"I'm your tag team partner in Friday's match and I warn you that if you do with CreepSpark or Moonwolf what you did with Soul,you'll regret it!
I want to beat the crap out of that Creep fair and square as I did before,so he can't undermine me to my fans,capish?"

With these words,Space Trucker turns his back and leaves....
Rockyt resumed his bench presses,putting on a devious smile on his face....
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Space Trucker and Rockyt....Bad Start!
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